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Flaming Space Baseball



There are many popular baseball thumb guards on the market, and all of them have strengths, but at Eclipse Sports we’ve taken a different approach.

Launchpad is designed to fit optimally against the curved profile of your bat, as well as your hand, for a seamless fit that delivers unsurpassed padding.

Unlike all of the other thumb guards, Launchpad is asymmetrical and hand specific, like a glove or shoe.  But we didn't make it asymmetrical just to be different - it actually performs better.

Our design maintains its shape under pressure, which creates more stability in your grip while eliminating slack in your swing, and its unique channel rocks and cradles your bat so it stays loose and fast.


When you fire your hands your bat will launch - like it’s on a launch pad.

Colored Baseball in Shadow


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red check mark shield

Protects against shock from mishits and jams - so you can play another day.

red baseball swing

Maintains proper grip technique with the handle in your fingers through ball contact.

Red Award

Patent pending design improves contact and grip between your hand and your bat while preserving a dynamic, direct-feeling connection with your barrel.

Red Shield Hand

Pads your hand in all of the critical areas without feeling bulky or awkward, hugging the contours of your bat’s handle for a flush fit.

Red Tension

Reduces tension in your hand and wrist for an easy/relaxed grip and whippy swing.

Red Puzzle

Feels more like a natural extension of your handle than a soft pad.


At the heart of Launchpad’s design is a semi-circular channel that fits over your bat’s handle. The channel has a central pivot point that rocks and cradles your bat, mimicking the way your bat moves and feels when you aren’t wearing a thumb guard.

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Right and Left


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Launchpad's ergonomic shape sits comfortably in your hand while the channel aligns itself with your bat. It’s made from a relatively harder yet comfortable material that preserves a more direct-feeling connection with your bat and more stability in your grip

Our Launchpad thumb guard is purposefully designed with asymmetrical left and right-handed models - just like gloves or shoes - in pursuit of maximum feel and performance

Made in the USA from a durable, shock-absorbing polymer. Designed by baseball players for athletes seeking the best modern equipment to play the greatest game

Sizing 1
Sizing 2
Sizing 3

Launchpad is currently available in a large size only, in left or right.  We’re working on additional sizes with input from customers and will provide updates on availability.  

The large size fits people who have a thumb circumference of approximately 2-3/4" to 3-1/4" inches. If you wear gloves while hitting, make sure to put on your glove before measuring.  


Measure your thumb halfway between the first and second knuckle.  Our large should fit most males high school age and up, but we recommend you measure and check before placing your order.

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Hand protection and performance that feels natural, almost like it’s not there


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Images are renders of the production model and may vary from the actual product.


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🇺🇸  Made in the USA 🇺🇸

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